IED relocation

Hello,   Are there any specific known reasons not to show any IED in the dialog box after running the "Export device configurations" option?   Dialog box w/o IED   Best regards, Petr
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Hello Petr,


I believe this might be because you are not the owner (who onboarded) of the device. If so, can you try with the user who is the owner?

Also, here is our current doc of the prerequisites for relocation:


Hope this is helpful.


Hello Carlos,


I know the link you mentioned, but I didn't find any issues that could cause the failure. Apparently, you are right. We had been working over a remote desktop with my colleagues and probably made some mistakes when logging into the IEM.

We have tried it with an appropriate IEM user account that matches the device owner, and we could see the device.


We will see how the relocation passes....


Many thanks!