IECTL - Not a valid workspace Error

When running iectl publisher app version create command after publisher configuration, i get the error Not a valid workspace.   environment : windows   config command : iectl config add publisher --workspace C:\Users\XXXXX\Desktop\workspace --dockerurl --name my-publisher   publish command: iectl publisher app version create --appid XXXXX --yamlpath C:\Users\XXXXX\Desktop\app-release.yaml --versionnumber 0.0.3 --redirecttype FromBoxReverseProxy --redirecturl XXXXX --redirectsection XXXXX --nginxjson "{\"XXXXX\":[{\"name\":\"XXXXX\",\"protocol\":\"HTTP\",\"port\":\"5010\",\"headers\":\"\",\"rewriteTarget\":\"/\"}]}"   how can i handle this problem? which one is the problematic step on the commands?
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Hi Yasin,


this is described in the previous section: "Standalone Apps"


The tutorials are based on each other, i guess that's why it is missing in this section, but thanks for sharing this information.


i found that i have to run 

iectl publisher workspace init

command. but this step is missing on the tutorial