Performance Insight / Energy Manager - Interruption in data capture

Every certain time, data capture stops and resumes after a few minutes.  I tried checking the logs but there are a lot of them and I couldn't find anything about this problem. Data capture is only done using the OPC UA connector.   IE Virtual Device: ievd-1.18.0-4-a Common Configurator: 1.11.0-1 OPC UA Connector: 2.1.0-4 IIH Essentials: V 1.10.3     If you need a specific log, let me know and I'll send it
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Hi Felipe,


Loss of connection of the OPC UA Connector to the OPC UA Server should not happen. Thats why we should take a close look and investigate why this is happening.


What kind of OPC UA Server are you using?

Can you share the OPC UA Connector logs?

In Common Configurator you have also a Log message view. There you should also see this loss of connections. Do you see there some log messages showing this behaviour?


Is there any regularity to the behaviour? 

Can this also be an issue of the network?