FTP server on Industrial Edge

Hello,   Is there an app or built-in functionality for IEDs to open an FTP server on factory network? In my use case, there is several field devices with integrated FTP clients and they upload files to configured FTP server periodically. I would like to process these file with a flow in Flow Creator app[https://docs.eu1.edge.siemens.cloud/get_started_and_operate/industrial_edge_device/operation/apps/Flow_Creator/Introduction/Introduction_to_Flow_Creator.html] Any idea, how that could be achieved with lowest effort?
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Hi Yazgan,

there is currently no app or build in FTP Server functionality available. This means you have to build this functionality by yourself.

There are multiple ways to achieve that you can find some FTP docker images on Docker Hub to use or deploy your own NodeRED application which is exposes a Port for FTP. A FTP Server node is available for usage.