Azure Connector Client Configuration Problem

Hi all, I am trying to configure Connector for Azure application in IEM. I configured the cloud client (My device is provisioned. I can see it in Azure IoT Hub). But there is no error displayed, but getting loading icon and could not send data to IoT Hub.   When I searched for the solution, the documentation (Warning and Error Messages - Industrial Edge Documentation ( says the problem occurs If invalid certificate authority is uploaded instead of Baltimore and deployed. As a solution it says "Upload the valid Baltimore certificate".   But I just follow the documentation and I did not see any requirement to use only Baltimore certificate. I just created my own self-signed certificates and follow the guideline (Tutorial - Create and upload certificates for testing - Azure IoT Hub | Microsoft Learn) that is mentioned in the Connector for Azure documentation. Could you please help about this issue? How can I create valid certificate?   Thank you in advance, BR, Merve
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