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Odata V4 Integration Upgrade


Hi there,

This is not a very creative feature request, but rather more of an appeal for an upgrade to the Odata interface in the Mendix platform from v3 to V4

V4  has been standardized and a lot of critical and useful features added that our customer requires. (I am sure this is true for other users of this functionality)

One feature I would like to mention specifically is related to Entity Attribute / Column Ordering, by means of a filter or Orderby function, that differs from the original Odata metadata.

A simple use case:

- Writing Odata to a CSV file, we need to ensure that the Metadata stays the same, as the consuming application (ETL) will possibly break if the ordinal position of the column changes.

- Another would be if custom queries are written and dynamic columns are added.

Please see the following for detail:


Thank you!



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Even though Data Hub supports OData V4, it would be very important to have support in Mendix as well.


oData v4 is not on the short term roadmap. Mendix does however provide support for filtering, selectng and ordering on v3 so that should enable your use cases.


The following is supported in Mendix: http://localhost:8071/odata/TopCoverDataApi/Contacts()?$filter=substringof('e',LastName)&$orderby=Email&$select=LastName,FirstName

This gets the Lastname and firstname from every contact where lastname contains an ‘e’ ordered by email address. The domain model contains Firstname before Lastname, but the query returns the attributes in the order specified in the url.


Totally agree, as I’m currently running into compatibility problems with v3.