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CAD-technology support in Mendix



as now a part of the Siemens family, Mendix should think about to implement the Siemens VIS Web Toolkit technology to enable developers like us, to develop graphical applications in Mendix as well. As of now, nearly every application a Siemens PLM partner like us develops, contains more or less visualization functionality of CAD models …

Until now our main business is “not (yet)” in focus of Mendix. And I’m very aware, that the VIS Web Toolkit is a huge amount of work to be completely implemented – but on the other side a first class example for making software development smoother, easier and much faster. Would be nice if this would change and all the Siemens PLM develeopment and implementation partners could benefit. I’m very aware about the Mendix advantages regarding time (budget), organisation/ecosystem and quality output. This advantage could really get business critical for non-followers. Should be a Siemens internal discussion as well.

Best regards

Gerd Marinelli

Piterion GmbH

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Just for info what’s in the pipe for this  and next year (I got the info right now):


This is a huge expansion of Mendix’s scope, but it would generate a major competitive advantage.  You got my vote!