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Put RPA on the roadmap


The new Mendix 9 platform looks absolutely brilliant. The all in one framework that was described provides a lot of confidence in terms of what this platform will be capable of this year. I wanted to propose that robotic process automation is added to that framework for several reasons (under intelligent automation). 
The basic mechanism of automation and abstraction is very real and present in RPA solutions today – Mendix already has many of the abstractions available – in principle – to support this approach. 
RPA is similar to business process management and even workflow based visual modelling – with the only difference being that a UI framework is required to interact with user interfaces. Robotics is also a form of integration with a fairly strong emphasis on data. 

The addition of this technology – I believe – will fully complete the current framework and add powerful means of integrating into a variety of systems - it will even simplify integration in many ways. 


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