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Add unique keys to translation import/export


Dear Mendixers,

Have you ever worked with a copy department that wants to translate using an external service, such as, for instance, Lokalise or WebTranslateIt?

These are standard tools for translators in the IT world, but unfortunately Mendix currently cannot integrate with these; when in the batch translation menu, even though it is possible to import/export the values of various languages to Excel, the unique keys (e.g. those visible in the .properties files) are not available. In fact, any export/import is done based on string comparison (value to value). This leads to the problem that the model cannot be changed while the translation is being done (externally). 

External translation platforms require key-value pairs. Obviously these are present in the system, though it is only possible to export keys using .properties translation files; this is one-way traffic, as these are generated each time during compilation.

Mendix, could you please add two columns to the batch translation screen?

  1. a unique key resembling those in the .properties files?
  2. an amalgamation of: Domain.PageTitle.ElementName – or something similar ;-)

Likewise people can use the strength of external translation platforms in conjunction with the super powers of Mendix!

Best regards,

Wouter Penris

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