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Enhancing Swagger documentation and functionality



when building published REST API’s the easiest way to test these should be via the Swagger that Mendix generates. Unfortunately, most of the times there is a reaon why we can’t use it, because the Mendix Swagger is too basic.

Is is possible for Mendix to enhance the swagger functionality?

This can be done by either:

  1. Let developers upload a custom swagger.json file with total freedom via Studio Pro, or as a file in the project folder that will override the auto-generated swagger
  2. Simply improve the automatically generated file
    1. Add headers, for example for authorization
    2. Add custom response codes, for example for error handling
    3. I’m probably missing things now that the Mendix Swagger doesn’t cater for, please feel free to add improvements :-) 
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Addition: show an example for mappings based on JSON (this only seems to work for mappings from a message definition)


I really love to get a feature to either put custom documentation , yml or json . The multiple sample example response are must to have.


Addition: Support for enumerations, such that consumers know the possible values of that string.


This would indeed be very handy.