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Logging original XML or REST messages



When creating an consumed webservice or restservice I would like to log the received XML or JSON message.

This message could now only be constructed by making a 'reverse mapping' that convert the received parameters back to XML / JSON. 

Apart from the work and the maintenance you've to do, it simply is not the original message.

It would be nice if you have the opportunity to get the original XML / JSON message as String.


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First of all, the logs already contain the messages, right? I'm assuming you want do do something special with the messages that you receive from the REST Service or Web Service.

Mendix 7.19 introduces a new feature that will allow you to do that. After the Call Web Service action, you can use the $latestHttpResponse variable, which will contain the message in the Content attribute. You can do what you want with that content.

For REST services, that was already possible.


Good idea, i've added it to the roadmap.

Current workaround for consumed webservices: retrieve the response as a string, log it, and then import it.



In addition, I would particularly find this useful for published webservices.