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SAP oData model creator adjustment for reference sets


When using the SAP oData model creator the names of the associations seems to be wrong when it comes to reference sets (n:n). When you use a create activity for creating deep entity function in SAP, the response will fail due to a mismatch of the association names between the parent-entity and the reference set of child entities. As a workaround this can be solved by manually changing the association name, but every time a new version of the MPK is uploaded this needs to be changed again. Please change the SAP oData model creator so that the association name of the reference set is determined correctly. 

The naming should be set as in the name of the EntitySet in the metadata file like the example below:



(When using the oData model creator the naming of the association will appear as SalesItems_SalesHeader_SalesItem, without the ‘Set’ behind SalesHeader)

For a reference to the problem that is being solved, please check:



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