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wrapperless arrays in Export Mapping


Currently wrapperless arrays are only supported in Import Mappings, but in an Export Mapping in "select elements" you can't clear the checkbox of the wrapper without clearing the nested elements. Import and Export mappings should have same freedom.

I understand the reason behind wrappers: they allow to distinguish empty arrays [] vs no value. However, in many cases it's not important, but wrappers require extra activities in microflows.

Given the following JSON Structure:

{ "someobjects": [{"prop":"val"}] }

You can create this Import Mapping (notice "someobjects" is cleared):


However, in the Export Mapping the nested elements are greyed out until the wrapper element is checked:



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Ok, you can check all checkboxes and just not drag any entity into the optional box for the wrapper in the mapping. But if you click "Map automatically" a wrapper entity is created in domain model even though the mapping was complete