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More information from Feedback API


Dear Mendix Team,

Please provide the following information in addition with the existing data in the response from the Feedback API:

1. ID (which is shown in the feedback item not the ID from the response).

2. Priority

3. Custom Statuses

4. Tags

5. Summary

6. Screenshots (if any)

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Hey Thijs,

I am happy to help further and I am open to have a call with you and your team.


Hey Kiranendra,


Thanks for letting us know! We can definitely add that to the API response, for us to properly understand your needs, would you be open to having a short call with us where you explain your use case to us? 


Let me know!


Thank you for the assistance, Thijs. However, it will be helpful for in the response to include the "Tags" too. 

By the way, the documentation is not quite helpful in understanding how to get the feedback items (REST / SOAP): Section 3 (to be specific).


Please add more description in detail on how to get the feedback items. It will be a great help if the steps are mentioned in a little bit more detailed.


P.S. I have tried to get my feedback items. But I was getting only archived feedback items. Using GET request via REST is not letting me pass any request body (as it does not allow to). I haven't tried SOAP approach as I am not sure where to make the changes.