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OData feature request


Currently Mendix supports SOAP services through WSDL, XSD and JSON schema's.


I hope support for OData can also be added, currently if we manually create a JSON schema for our OData service we can consume the OData service.

In the EDMX file the following information can be retrieved.(XML format)



-the attributes

-the datatype of the attributes

-object types

If the support for EDMX is added a OData service can be just as easily consumed as a soap service.


With a OData source you can fetch the EDMX file by putting /$metadata behind the URL of the ODatasource.

Example: http://services.odata.org/V3/Northwind/Northwind.svc/$metadata   


A visual representation of the information in the EDMX schema, that can by fetched through /$metadata can be found here:




ERD Diagram


API detials (Data types of the attributes within the objects)


Since the introduction of WCF by Microsoft for realizing a SOAP service is the EDMX schema the standard.(Exists over 10 years)

The successor of WCF, WebAPI and MVC for realizing a SOAP service also uses the exact same schema.

My guess is that a lot of the costumers that depends SOAP for exchanging data will be grateful.
Here is a list of platforms and services that uses SOAP http://www.odata.org/ecosystem/




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