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Import JSON schema to create a JSON Structure


It would be good to be able to create/modify a JSON structure directly from a JSON schema - see The schema provides lots of extra information regarding the formatting and rules that apply to the JSON message - maximum/minimum widths, data types, enumerations etc. Currently it is necessary either to manually implement the schema or generate a message sample and import that as the JSON snippet - which inevitably loses much of the useful detail included in the schema document.

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Is there an update on the release of this feature? Or when it is planned?


Additionally, if I could upload a full API definition (OpenAPI 3.0) similar to what mendix can do with .wsdl documents. This would be great!


I see this more and more and definitely would help a lot.

When creating a JSON Structure, I would like to see 2 input options to choose from: either a JSON snippet OR a JSON schema.


This would be very helpful.