Invalid JSON structure [, {}]

Hi, I'm trying to build a JSON structure based on a file I received. Upon filling the structure I get the error ‘The JSON snippet is not valid’ which is caused by this section:  { "Kardinaliteit": ["", {}]  } While in other JSON formatters this is accepted. How can I work around this issue?   Mx version 8.6.2  
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I’m sorry to have to say this, but it’s not supported

The first item of the array will be used to determine the type of the items in the array. Mixed arrays are unsupported. A mixed array is an array with entries of different data types (e.g. string and integer). In the tree structure, a error will appear that you cannot use mixed arrays in your mappings.

you will need to use some java lib for parsing.



Maybe this module can help (a java lib for parsing):