How to implement the Process queue in Mendix application ?

Hi, I have currently developed the application for messaging between the applications by using Kafka and I have implemented process queue to schedule the message. I’ve added “AfterStartup_InitialiseQueue” microflow but it doesn’t work, I don’t know to configure further and what is the next move. Kindly advise on this. Thanks in advance... Modules used: Process Queue Mendix module version-7.23.6  
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​​​​​​AfterStartup_InitialiseQueue does not do much other than adding the queues which are in queued, running or unqueued phase. It is up to you to add this to after start up action or not. 

To implement process queue you need to have:

  • Shared queue configuration
  • Process
  • QueuedAction
    • The object you want to pass and execute must be associated with QueuedAction


As Mohammed mentioned refer the documentation for more details. Sometimes a simpler documentation like a quick start guide can be found in the place where you download the module (appstore)