Error 400: Invalid Input: primary_user_email (with json export mapping to gsuite user environment)

Hello, We are trying to export a user to the gSuite user environment, our API authorization key works, but we still manage to get the error 400: invalid input: primary_user_email. When attempting the same json in a google API tester it worked, but it won't work in Mendix itself. We created an export mapping for this. The domain email is the same as the specified “primaryEmail”. The json is as follows:  {   "name": {     "familyName": "",     "givenName": ""   },   "password": "",   "primaryEmail": "" } Does anyone have a solution to this? We can provide more details if necessary.  Thanks in advance!
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Are you using a consumed rest service from Mendix? Maybe you want to set the loglevel of RestConsume to trace to see the exact message you are sending from mendix.