Do we need to update app before commiting to reflect changes done by my team member?

Is it compulsary to update my working copy before comminting to get the changes made by my team member ? or mendix studio pro combines both changes automatically with the new revision? 
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Hi Subrahmanyam,

When you click on ‘Commit’, Mendix Studio Pro will automatically prompt you to Update your model first if there are new commits to the team server done by your team member before you are able to commit your version.

“Committing is only allowed if your working copy is up to date with the repository. If someone else committed a change since the last time you updated, you will have to update first. This is because the revision you create with the commit should incorporate both your changes and the changes by the other person. Updating will combine the latest changes in the repository with your changes. After reviewing the result, and fixing any conflicts, you can commit again.”