Store files on Windows server

Hi, We have a Mendix app running on Kubernetes in our Azure subscription. We have a couple of on-premise integrations like: LDAP Exchange SQL etc. This is all working fine but we are struggling to export a FileDocument to a Windows server / fileshare which is on-premise.  We have a connection between our Azure subscription and our on-premise datacenter. We are able to connect to a fileshare from an Azure VM to an on-premise server. Though we are not able to export a FileDocument with our App. We used a couple of Java actions and the SMB connector from the App store. Those are working if I run the App localy but not when I deploy the App on our Kubernetes cluster.  I didn't find anything yet to be able to export FileDocuments but I hope there is a working solution as I think we are not the only company with this setup and requirement.   
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