Inside generate document template i need dynamic columns

Hi, I am trying to genarate dynamic column inside generate document template. So there is i need maximum 10 column and getting input from end user for column like if user enter 2 so 2 columns should be created, if user insert upto 10 that number of columns should be created. So anyone can help me.   Thanks in advance.
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You would need to setup a Template grid on the document template with max 10 columns and maybe some non persistent helper entities to populate the templategrid as headers, before you generate the document.


So this is what I would try to do. This is your domain model you need and you need to popuplate is before generation of the document

This is your template


This could be your microflow to populate the template


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I'm also interested in the solution Sjors is refering to, not sure how he intends to do this. afaik there is no conditional visibility on columns.

The only solution i can come up with is this:

Create a table with 10 rows and 1 column.

Inside of the first row, you place a second table with 1 column, in the second row you place another table with 2 columns, etc.

And the use conditional visibility on the rows of the first table to show the desired table based on user input.


I hope this helps.