Use Case: Access data stored in a remote PC from MENDIX

I have a customer who asks for this use case: - There is a machine which communicates with a remote PC via OPC UA. - The machine has an OPC UA server installed and the remote PC a OPC UA client .NET app which is getting production data from the machine Is it possible to make a MENDIX App which gets the data stored in the remote PC and can be accessible via Tablet/Smartphone? Thank you very much for your support
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Is the data is located in a DB or a directory?

If the data is in DB, it can be accessed from outside that PC through the IP addresses.

If the data is located on a directory, you can mount the directory(using folder mounting software that you have to install on the PC) with AWS S3 bucket, and then access the files through the S3 bucket.

The solution can be divided in 2 parts.

  1. Mendix app (hybrid/native) that will interact with the user and let user carry out operations.
  2. Java Webservice exposed via REST that can be hoisted on cloud and connect to the data source.


Mendix app can fetch data from the APIs and also post data back to the source through APIs.

This is high level generic solution, and will need change depending on the current details.