CSV importing and processing

Hello all, As a rather newbie to Mendix, I’ve tinkered around in the interface and been through several of the learning tracks.  I’m trying to work on a project to ingest records from a .CSV file into an application, which these records will be used to modify attributes in another domain entity.  The records are relatively small (5 columns) and volume is relatively low (no more than 20 records at a time I’d guess).  So my idea is to ingest the records to a table (entity), then iterate through the records to process (attribute the other table), clean up (delete) records as they are processed and go back to sleep until the next file is received (so, potentially some automation here). I’m looking for the most efficient way to perform this.. I’ve read about the ExcelImporter, and the CSV Module in the App Store – is one of these more appropriate for my use case? 
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You have indeed multiple options in the appstore. This one has been a steady one: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/429/Erwin-'t-Hoen/Flat-&-delimited-file-import

The maker is here often in the forum so if you run into something you probably get an answer soon.

Other one to look for is this one: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/108605/Mendix/CSV

May be not in your case since the amount is limited that you need to import.

And have you thought about how you retrieve the files? Do users upload those or do you need a way to transport the files?

SFTP is always a good option. There are a couple of sollutions for that in the appstore. Or create a web or REST service for it to proces the files.

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