Mendix 8.11: Listening data view inside a pluggable widget....

anyone who knows what that means and how to use it?
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Hi Boris,

Its not a new feature, so you can build pluggable using source and listening. I Wich!

Some pluggable widget can contain other widgets 

The update handing inside widgets works different for pluggable widgets the dojo widgets. So a data view that listens to a data source was not possible to use in side a pluggable widget. Normal data view where already supported.

Before 8.11 you will get a message CE6700   Widget <pluggable widget> '<name>' cannot contain widgets of type data view when your data view, inside a pluggable widget, is listening to a data source.

So no big feature, but it making the pluggable widget more compatible

Cheers, Andries


Hi Boris, 
My guess is that they are referring to the functionality for data views to listen to a selection made by a list/grid. This has been available for quite some time but it was probably not compatible with the whole pluggable architecture.
That is it was not compatible until now.