Mendix OKTA integration

Hello All, Currently we are using OKTA for SSO integration in mendix. By default we are getting the email id to authenticate the user and register the user with his email id only.How can we get Aurora id as well with email id? i mean currently we only get email id that we store in email attribute of account entity . how can we get 2 parameter in mendix and store in mendix if OKTA passes 2 parameters. Note: we have too many API calls in application which make app slow. so, we don't want to call API to get Aurora ID by email ID. Waiting for your response . Thanks
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Hi Aayushi,

You can configure OKTA to pass Aurora ID as additional claims attribute and then update your SAML configuration in Mendix app accordingly (in Mendix app SAML configuration you can either map this in Just in Time Provisioning or select Use Custom Logic in User Provisioning to true as well as add your own custom provisioning logic in CustomUserProvisioning microflow)


Hope this helps!