Download excel file from DropBox

Hi, I have used dropbox api to get the excel file stored in there using the post rest-service (in Mendix Rest service call). I have also got the response and stored it in FileDocument object using the rest service response option. Now to download it on client I have placed the download activity post rest-service call, but this part does not work, it says the file out-put is corrupt when the file(excel file) gets downloaded on browser. Do I need to do something with this file document before downloading like file document to excel conversion something?  
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I was using the wrong api, which was sending the response not available for direct download.

API For just getting the file content and using it for processing in microflow (in case file available for direct download, ex PDF, png etc):

API For getting the content and then downloading it on browser client, where file is not available for direct download(ex MS Word, MS Excel):