Using webservice call with custom template

Does anyone know how to solve the following problem: An uncatched throwable has occurred when executing Order.SUB_OperatorOrder_GetOrderFromQueue: Error rendering custom message part     at Order.SUB_OperatorOrder_GetOrderFromQueue (CallWebservice : 'Call web service 'SendOperatorOrderTransport'')   I am using a webservice call with a custom request template, where the export mapping is done in a previous state and the payload stored in a string.  This string value is then used for the custom request template. The string value is:  <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <ns1:SendOperatorOrderTransportRequest xmlns:ns1=""> ... </ns1:SendOperatorOrderTransportRequest>  
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Is there any more in the logs than what you already provided? Usually, there should be some error code or some information on what went wrong.