Team Server API - Get revisions for all company apps

When I use the  Team Server Api, I can only get revisions of apps that I created myself. I want to get revions of all my company apps (where I have sufficient right, offcourse) How can I do that?
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Hi Martin, 

So what you're saying is that you can access all apps which you are a teammember of, but can't get the specific revisions?

As per documentation  you need an app name and branch name to get them.  Do you get some kind of error message?


Maybe the settings for the projects are constrained?  See

As APIs are designed for automated systems, the Deploy API does not require the two-factor authentication which is normally required to make changes to production environments. This is a potential security risk. Therefore, the Technical Contact of an application needs to allow API access explicitly for team members that want to use the Deploy API. This can be configured from the Node Security screen under Project Settings. By default, API access is already enabled for test and acceptance environments for all team members. To perform an action via the Deploy API, such as transporting a new deployment package, both the Transport and API Access permissions need to be enabled.