export data regardless of user language preference

My apps use 2 language Japanese and English. Most user are Japanese. I am facting 2 problems here. when export date time, if the user’s language is Japanese, it’s will export based on Japanese Imperial Calendar. example: today is 2020-09-09, but in Japanese Imperial Calendar, it’s 令和 2-09-09 so instead of 2020-09-09, it always becomes 2-09-09 , which can not be recognized when I import to other system.  → Is there a way to always export date time field as when user’s language is English ?  I try using formatDateTimeUTC to convert to string and export, still same bad result. Currently I have user switch to English then export to get the right date. when export enum field, I use the getCaption(), but the caption I need is in Japanese. So when user switch to English and export, the caption will be in English and can not be used for import. → Is there a way to always export enum caption on a fix language ? I am using Excel Exporter. Thank for reading.  
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Nirmakumar answer is wrong. Date fields are always stored as UTC in the database. See the documentation here: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/date-and-time-handling#1-introduction

If you always want to have the English format retrieve a user with that language in a microflow and use the community commons executeMicroflowAsUser to run the microflow you want to run in the English language. I would create a specific account for that so you can always retrieve it when needing translated data.





If you switch off the localize for the date field, then it will save in UTC format in the database. Mendix automatically takes care of transforming the dates to the localized dates when rendering on the browsers, which is also documented some where. If I am able to find the link, I can share you.

So, with the localize being switched off, you will have UTC dates stored in database. So, probably when exporting the data, you have some converters to localize the date or check if it already localized by Mendix.