Hi Experts, Currently I am struggling in publishing a web(SOAP) service. Just I need to publish a two object as an Integer Reference Number phone Number and need to consume it from the other mendix application. Example: While in consuming  I need to give input parameter as a 1. Reference number and need to get 2.Phone number as a Output. In the above example while in consuming I am trying to retrieve a single object(2.Phone Number) but it is asking import mapping . Could you please help me with that how to consume my published web(SOAP) service without using IMPORT MAPPING. NOTE: Also tell me that which url we need to give in “TARGET NAMESPACE” before publishing?     Thanks in Advance!  
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As I gather from your question the input for the webservice call should be a reference number (int) and the return should be the phoneNumber (int). This can be done by creating a microflow like below:

The input for the microflow is an integer.

In the retrieve action you retrieve the object based on a database query via xpath like [ReferenceNumber = $ReferenceNumber], make sure only 1 record is returned.

The return value is set in the end action as an integer and in the example is set as $wizardstep/phoneNumber

The use the option (from the context menu in the MF) to publish the microflow as a web service operation and you’ll end up with a webservice like below:

Input parameter:

Return type:

As for the target namespace make sure it’s something unique, for more information on this see