AzurenAD Integration with Mendix

Hi, I need help with AzurenAD Integration with Mendix as I’m trying to integrate mendix  application(8.12.1) with Azure AD for the purpose of SSO But the process is only half way there into implementation. As I look forward to test the application with current user from Azure portal   after I click on try again it is successfully redirecting to index.html as shown below I have implemented so far using Below are my logs and SAML requests in my mendix application    Thanks in advance
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When you test you always have to set the lognode for SAML to trace. Otherwise you only see a generic error and not the real problem. And I always test with Firefox with the SAML tracer plugin. This way you can follow the handshakes etc.

And in the last screenshot I can not see if the principal has been found. If that is empty the user could not be found in Mendix.