How to convert JSON structure into a Table format to display in UI?

Hi All, My question is that I have exposed a REST web service and I got Swagger page to check that service. While getting the output of my exposed REST web service, it will be in a JSON structure. Is it possible to edit that output of the swagger page.  NOTE: Edit in the sense I want to covert the output of the JSON structure into a Table format. Can any one please tell me that how can I do this? Here are my screen shot(OUTPUT of my REST web service in the JSON structure and need to convert it into a TABLE format)   Thanks in Advance!
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You need to create a json structure (A document in the modeler), based on that, you can create an import mapping. This import mapping will create objects out of your json. It can be used in a seperate microflow action or directly in the rest call.

I recomment doing the learning paths about rest. They should explain that.