Buttons in email and onclick functionality without navigating to app.

Hi Team, I have a scenario where I need to send a mail to the user with buttons for Approve and Reject. On click of one of them the task should be approved in the Mendix. This should happen in the email without navigating to different page. I tried using deeplink but this will be navigating me to a page in the app. Also is it possible to add a comment section in mail and user can enter text and retrieve that information in the app? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Regards Sushuma
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Interesting scenario!

Maybe this can be a starting point? https://www.copernica.com/en/blog/post/how-to-create-email-buttons-with-just-html-and-css 

I do not think you can avoid navigation away, because email clients will probably not allow javascript to be executed inside of an email for security reasons.

The best achievable scenario i can think of, is a deeplink to a page, and put the approve/reject buttons inside that page. Or put one approve and one reject button in the mail and accept that it will do a popup.

I hope this helps.