Assign login process

Hello, I have seen it mentioned that I can assign a java action for the login process. I would like to either call a microflow or java action in place of the default login page appears. Thanks
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Follow the below steps:

  1. create an anonymous user role in tour application and a create login page for that
  2. create a capture credentials entity and add attributes like login id and password and on the load of the login page on a data view assign data source as microflow and create an above-mentioned entity and add to text inputs in it.
  3. add a button to login( the button may be a singing button that comes with the inbuilt widgets of Mendix or else call a microflow and with the help of a java action (you have to create using core API of Mendix) you can make the user login to the app.

Note: Role-based access should be maintained.

Link  for core API:

Click on the above link and search for login and from there you can understand what you can do.