Azure Active Directory - SAML.

Hi People,   We are trying to integrate Azure Active Directory with one of our mendix applications using SAML configuration Scenario 1 : Azure AD Single sign-on config: This the the configuration for URLs, when we don’t give any sign on URL and try testing the app it throws the following error on app  but when click on Try Again the user gets redirected to the app. and following is the message/info that we get on Azure AD portal. Scenario 2: Azure AD configure: When we use a Sign on Url and the test sign in with current user, then the user gets signed in into the app but when we use ‘sign in as Someone else’ option in Azure AD then we see the following error: We can see the URL changes on the browser window from Azure AD login page to our app page then throwing back error on Azure AD page. Please suggest any help to overcome this and integrate Azure AD.
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