Is it possible to pass some header while calling deeplink ?

I have 2 Applications – say App1 and App2. On some activity from App1, it is calling deeplink of App2.  I want to send some info to App2 when I make that deeplink call. I don’t want to send it as a query parameter so looking for other option like header (or something like it). What could be the best solution here?
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This is not an default option in the deeplink module, maybe it’s an option for you to perform the action in 2 steps:

  1. Create a unique identifier and send a post request to the other server containing the data that you need to send? Making sure the data is available on App2
  2. Then send the deeplink with the identifier as query parameter and handle the retrieve with the deeplink MF


Or change the deeplink request handler and create a redirect method that allows for catching and sending the http headers respectively.