How to convert object array to list for display on datagrid

Hello! I want to show a list of “Revision” objects on my datagrid. I made an assosication on a UserInput object to a list of Revision entities. That’s the import mapping (based on the JSON/REST API) But I do not know how to get a list of Revision objects… Shouldnt it be somehow accessible via the association?  There is Revisions associated 1..* to Revision Regards, Raimund
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You have a 1-* association between UserInputNavigator & Revisions where the parent is the UserInputNavigator. 

Thus; one UserInputNavigator object revers to a SINGLE Revision. A revission can be reverensed by multiple UserInputNavigator objects.

You have to options

  1. Swap the association in the opposite direction Revision → UserInputNavigator
    In this case the Revision object is the owner and you need to iterate over Revision list to set the association per Revision object
  2. Change the association to a *-* association. This allows you to directly set the association from the userInputNavigator. In both cases you need the list of Revisions available in your microflow

No, I assosiated a set of Revisions


There is no way to retrieve a list of revisions over the association:

I created * .. * associations instead of 1 .. n , but it does not help.