Send print commands via Mendix

Hi, I try to send printer commands either in direct printer protocol or in ZPL to a barcode printer to print out barcode labels. I can test the printer commands when I establish a telnet connection via putty to the printer. The commands to be send via Mendix platform would look like the following. My question would be now if there is a standard module already available to establish a telnet connection from mendix or if there is another smart way how to send the commands to the printer. Anybody had already such a topic to implement? BARTYPE "EAN8" BARFONT OFF,0 PRBAR "12345678" PRINTFEED
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Hi Christian,

When I search in the Mendix appstore, the only thing I find for telnet or SSH connections is the SFTP module. That surely not what you are looking for. I think you have to build it your own creating a custom Java Action. You can find more on that topic by searching on “custom java”.

2 questions to check:

- Isn't there another type of connection possible using a more generic protocol, like a REST call?

- Are you sure the printer is reachable from the network you will host the Mendix app on? (as most of the Mendix apps run in the public cloud)