Redirected to Session Path After API Call

Hello, I’m working on building an integration between my Mendix app and Strava (a social media for athletes), which is done through a simple API call. I’m currently working on authenticating a Strava account and importing some of its data into Mendix. In case you’re curious, the documentation for the authentication process can be found here. The way the API call works is that I send a GET request to Strava, which will then reply with some HTML code that is the regular login page of Strava. After a user logs in, they should be able to click “accept” or “reject” my app’s request to retrieve their account information. However, the problem comes (and this is where it gets specific to Mendix) right after a user clicks “login.” For some reason, they are redirected to a ‘/session’ path in Mendix, which looks like ‘’ which shows as a 404 because there is no page associated to that path, and they don’t get to the part where they can decide to accept or reject my app’s request. Does anyone know why users would be redirected to this path? It seems to me that this is a predetermined feature of Mendix but I don’t know how to change it. Does anyone know how to change this feature? Thank you!
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As this is a standard OAuth protocol maybe you cn use the appstore module for this:

and follow the steps to add an additional IdP, to save you the work of building it yourself.