Binary to pdf

Hi all, I’ve published a rest service on which I receive post messages with a pdf written in binary. I’ve used the ‘store in a file document’ option but whenever I try to preview the document it ends up being empty (2 white pages). I know for a fact it shouldn't be empty because I'm able to see the pdf file in a portal ( and there the content is visible.  I also checked the size and the size is around 200000 bytes, so the content in the pdf wasn’t erased, it's just not visible. It think somehow Mendix doesn’t interpret the binary right, but I can't figure out how to troubleshoot it. Does anybody experienced this problem before and knows a solution / workaround, or at least how to troubleshoot why the content is not visible? I’ve already tried to store the message in a string and convert that string to a file, but that does give the same result.  Thanks in advance guys!
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Just out of curiousity: did you set the extension “.pdf” in the name of your document?