Synchronizing Outlook Calendar with Mendix Calendar

Hi experts, Here I have a requirement that I have to to Synchronize Outlook Calendar with Mendix Calendar. If I fix a meeting event in a mendix calendar it should  also notify with the outlook calender and same as with outlook to mendix. Can you please tell how to achieve this in Mendix Studio Pro 8.12.0. Before I tried with iCalender Module but it is only upto 7th version , so can any one tell me how achieve this in the 8.12.0 version.   Thanks in advance!                                                   
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I believe the iCalendar module only provides one way synchronization (you can send calendar invites from Mendix to your Outlook calendar, however, any updates made in Outlook do not get sent back to Mendix).

I think you’ll need to create an integration consisting of:

  • an integration to send calendar events from Mendix to Outlook (using MSGraph api).
  • a webhook call from MSGraph to Mendix.  This will send updates made in Outlook to Mendix.  You can see documentation for how to do this here:  Note that for this part of the integration, you’ll need to create a Published REST Operation in your Mendix app that will be the end point used by the MSGraph webhooks.

Hope this helps you get started.