Implementing chat (user to user)

we are performing in chat (user to user) for that we used pusher module in middle of the process we are not clear with the authentication process ,could someone help to sort out of it and we refer this url given below we refered github also both the contents are same,can anyone suggest proper doc ISSUE: we receving the notification but couldn’t able to read or write the message. need some solution Thanks in advance.    
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Hi Keerthana, the pusher module gives you the tools to trigger a microflow from server to client in Mendix. This means the end-user does not need to click a button to update the screen or show a message, which you would normally do.

For this to work you need a pusher account and setup your api keys onthe pusher website. Once that is done you use the Notify action to send the event and make use of the Listen widgets to trigger what to do when event is received.

In example: End-user is writing message, then you send the Notify action. Then Listen widget trigger microflow and message is retrieved from database. 

Thus pusher is only the mechanism to send the event and trigger what to do when event is received. You need to build the features yourself.  And the chat message that end-user sends to another is not send to pusher okay!

Hope this helps.