File upload from mendix to sharepoint

I have a requirement to upload .doc file from mendix to customer’s online sharepoint site. I have a microflow in which I have document object but then I need some assistance to know how to connect with sharepoint. I have referred below URL and tried connecting with sharepoint site to get access token using postman and I am able to get it.  Accessing SharePoint Data using Postman (SharePoint REST API) | by Anoop | Medium Next I want to test file upload from my local machine to sharepoint using postman but I dont know how to do it. Once I’ll be successfull to do it after that I feel, I would be able to implement same in mendix easily.   Please help if anyone has done similar implementation.   Regards, Amit Sharma
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Hi Amit, 

You can achieve via REST API. The following documentation will help you



Thanks Stella,

I have completed sharepoint integration for file upload. Your provided links were so much helpful. Thanks a lot for your assistance.