Editing the swagger definition of published REST-service

Hi, Mendix auto-generates swagger definitions of our published rest services. Unfortunately, these do not meet our projects standards: (We want to include the list of error responses. Document headers etc. State which paremeters are optional etc) To do this we can export the swagger json and customize it ourself in VS-code or a web editor such as https://editor.swagger.io/. This swagger documentation is used for publishing our API to an API-management portal (by uploading it as a file).  Now this process is very suboptimal. And I hope it can be done easier. Is it possible to change the swagger definition from the mendix pro modeler? Can I upload the "changed swagger definition” to the project, so that it wil be exposed in the /rest-doc/ ? If so, how can I prevent Mendix from regenerating the swagger.json documentation and overwriting. Any other suggestions to make life easier? PS. If there are no good suggestions I might create an “Idea” in the Idea-topic to add more functionalities in Studio Pro for managing the swagger.documentation.  
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AFAIK the swagger documentation is generated automatically and the options that you would like to include are not available. I suggest posting this in the idea forum as it seem to be a good enhancement of the platform’s functionalities.

(replacing the json will probably be overwritten when restarting the app)