How to show list of items from an entity along with adding another editable attribute in the view?

Trying to implement a list view which fetches list of objects from an entity “Item”. But for each object, I have to capture quantity and store them in another entity “Order”. If I try listview or dataview, I cannot reference 2 entities. When I am trying to add multiple reference selectors, all of them change when one is being changed. Can you suggest optimal way to achieve this?
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Not completely sure on your specific case but imagine you have an order and orderitems, with an association between them so that an Order can have multiple orderitems.

In a dataview display the order entity and then within this dataview add a listview that displays the orderitems over the association with the order. Make sure the listview is editable and you can set the quantity field in the orderitems.

I hope this provides you with some idea on how to solve your particular challenge.