Mendix CSV Module - Escape character can never be double quote?

I’ve tried to use the CSV module by Mendix (v1.5) for importing CSV files from a file document object. The escape character for double quote tends to be a double quote (as even output by the Excel Exporter module). Unfortunately, when I set the escape character to be a double quote when I call the CSV module’s ImportCSV action, I get the following exception:- java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: The separator, quote, and escape characters must be different!   Does this mean that the escape character can never be a double quote or are there plans in the near future to allow this?
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Hi Andrew,

If i interpret the message correctly it does not mean it does not support double quote characters, but it does not support the separator character, quote character or escape caharcter to be the same character.

Anyway, you are referring to a community supported component. In that case there is no support from Mendix. You may want to send the developer a mail or raise an issue here: 

I hope this helps.