Integrate the Mendix App into a website

Hello, is there a tutorial on how I can integrate Mendix App into my website via iframe? I would like to create a form with Mendix and integrate it into my website. How do I do that ? Or is there someone who can do it for me?
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Hm, without knowing the history and reasons behind your question, it would not be my first choice. Presumably you want to do something with the information that the user enters in the form and it is not straightforward to get the data from Mendix to your website’s backend. But never mind that. Simply answering your question:

No, there is no tutorial on that. So here is a manual:

- First create a page in your Mendix app.

- In the property ‘URL’ of that page add a pagename, for instance ‘yourpage’; this makes the page available via /p/yourpage

- add the iframe to your website: <iframe src=’’ height=’500px’ width=’950px’/>