XSUAA - Logout

We have a Mendix application, hosted on Cloud Foundry. To access the app, the end-user has to authenticate himself through a Microsoft Azure Cloud AD. We are using the XSUAA module: the app is redirected to XSUAA automatically without showing the login page. Sign-in works fine. However, at this point: the user is logged in in the AD AND in the Mendix app, which is good. When the end-user wants to LOG OUT, we need to be able to log out the user AND from the Mendix-app  AND from the  IdP (AD). Does anybody have a “best practice” or can anyone share experience on how they LOG OUT from their Mendix app in the app AND in the custom IdP (AD) when using the XSUAA module? Thanks a lot!
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This can be done with a nanoflow, you will need the ‘Nanoflow commens’ module.

Create a nanoflow with 2 actions: Sign out and redirect.

Redirect to a logout.html file that you need to create in your project folder, and on that logout page do a redirect to your IdP wich does a logout of that IdP.

It is also best practice to add a button to the logout.html wich redirects to login.html so the same user (or another) can log in again easy.