Using node.js API

Hi everyone,  I’ve been working with Mendix for about a year now, but have very little knowledge on how to use any actual code for more complex tasks. Now I’m going to start a (hobby) project where I hope to get some experience with this. For example, I want to use an API in my app. The documentation of this (unofficial) API tells me it’s build in node.js. However, I have no idea where to start with learning how to make this work, and the Mendix documentation does not seem to help a lot either.  I know it’s a very general question. But I’m interested in some tips from more ‘veteran’ developers on where I could learn the right skills to achieve something like this. Any useful documentation I should look into? Maybe some examples? Anything that could help is appreciated!  Thanks!
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Is is a REST based API? It shouldn’t matter at all what technology the API is implemented in, so don’t feel like you have to learn Node.js to consume the api. If the documentation doesn’t tell you how the API should work, you can start poking at it with Postman. Otherwise the only other solution is to look into the source code (if you can) for the API that you are trying to consume, but that seems pretty unreasonable, the developer of the API should provide some sort of documentation. If you share the API you want to use, I might be able to give you more directed advise.